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This is a great way to teach the importance of growing food the preschoolers. They will now have a better understanding of what farmers do around the world. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work!


Such a great and informative post. This will really help teachers and also to the parents to engaged their kids in some activities. This will help to develop their mind at early age about environment.


Yes! I agree. It's really a great thing to engage your kids with activities. This will help them to develop their skills at an early stage.


Yes, I agree with the comments above. It is really a great idea to educate the kids about gardening at an early stage. In this way, kids will enhance their skills.

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Working in the office of the day and night. I need to go to garden!

Bobby jain

Let me copy your gardening schedule. :D

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One of the biggest hurdles facing many gardening clubs is a lack of resources.l Freecycle group is a great way to get your hands on loads of freebies. People post emails offering things they no longer need, but you can also post 'wanted' notices listing things you would love to have - from pots and seeds to tools and plants. If you let people know it's for a local gardening club they are often happy to help.
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Yes, I agree with the comments above. This is really an informative post. Also,this is a great idea getting kids into gardening at an early age, so that they can enhance their skill in gardening. Keep posting!


This is really an informative post. Also,this is a great idea getting kids into gardening at an early age, so that they can enhance their skill in gardening. Keep posting and thanks for sharing this to us.

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Excellent Blog every one can get lots of information for any topics from this blog nice work keep it up.


I agree with the comments above. Parents must choose the best preschool for their kids. It is also helpful to engaged them to some activities that may enhance their skills. Thanks for sharing.



My name is Toni Abram. I am the founder of a website which raises awareness and provides information about the rare neuromuscular conditions called centronuclear and myotubular myopathy. I have run the website from my home in Chester since 2001 ( as a way of raising awareness of centronuclear and myotubular myopathy and for the past three years I have also run the Big Sunflower Project, again to raise awareness of the conditions.

Seed donations have been very generous this year and I have lots of sunflower seeds and some other flower seeds also. It would be a pity for them to go to waste, so I wondered if you might have a use for some? All I ask is that people taking part send me photos, either as their plants are growing or when they have grown so I can use them to raise awareness of CNM / MTM on social media and in my newsletters. I would be very happy, in return, to promote the work of any groups that take part in the one of my newsletters as I have already done at

You can also find the project on Facebook at and Flickr at

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

Toni Abram


Such a great and informative post. Thanks for sharing this post to us and keep posting.

Ellis Wakefield


I was looking around today Little Green Fingers and came across your resources and articles. I particularly liked the article - Pre-School Gardening Club - Weekly Activities Plan

In fact, there's a very child-friendly article on my own blog that I think your readers would love. You might like to share it with them. It's all about on Catching and Drawing Insects: 6 Steps

I’d be honoured if you’d consider mentioning it.

Let me know if you want to take a read and I'll send you over the link.

Kind Regards,

Ellis Wakefield

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