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Zoe @ Playing by the book

Hi Dawn, I've linked to this today, and your blog more generally:
You're always an inspiration for us!


What a super site-i love your what do do each week! I run a pre-school, and we were given a very large patch as we are in a primary school playground. Joy! Then we realised none of us were gifted in the green fingered variety! However, with books and info like yours we got cracking and it looks amazing,we are growing differnt veg, fruit, flowers, herbs and a minibeast area. I am also in the process of doing a blog to show photos and share experinces.
Super job! Sarah


Zoe - thank you so much!

Sarah - do come back with a link to the blog when it's up and running. I am extremely jealous of your 'very large patch' - keep having to tell myself that size deosn't matter...

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it s a very informative post. the gardening has been described in detail with variations in the season. really good work.

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It is Very important to educate children from an early age to the love for nature. By education, we can teach them the right habits, and teach them about sustainable agriculture

amy @teachmama

thank you for linking back to our post at! I NEED something like this--and I plan to print it and use it! thank you!!


It is good to know that the school is trying to help pre-schoolers to learn about gardening. At least even with their young minds, they would able to contribute to the environment through with this project.

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It is so great to see children being taught these gardening and home skills at an early age.

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This is a great idea getting kids into gardening at an early age.

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It is good to know that the school is trying to help pre-schoolers to learn about gardening.

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Working in the office day and night. I need to go gardening!

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This is a great idea getting kids into gardening at an early age.

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Gardening to keep kids busy is great. I remember growing up I would help my mother in the garden. She grows vegetables mainly and has been doing this for years.

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It is good site to spent time on .I just stumbled upon your informative blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your very well written blog posts. It's really a great idea to engage your kids with activities. This will help them to enhance their skills.
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Exposing children to these kind of gardening activities is great. It encourages and gives them that sense of responsibility towards mother nature.


It's impressive how you guys come up with productive activities like this. Early training for these kids will surely pay off in the future. You're lucky if you have nice and obedient pre-schoolers in your club. It must be really fun and memorable! :)

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Getting kids to learn how to cultivate fruits and vegetables is not an easy task. However, it should be noted that gardening can make children problem solvers with very less effort.

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This is really an informative post and I want to say that this is really helpful especially for teachers as well as the parents to engage their kids with activities. This will really help them to develop their hidden skills.

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Oh...I love your garden trellises over the walking path. Beautiful idea.The borage looks so healthy and full. You must have sent us some of your rain because we got some much needed rain today. Your back garden looks like a respite and a spot to enjoy all of the work you put into the garden. It is very beautiful.

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