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Great ideas!

We had a cake sale which made enough to fund us throughout last year.

Another school I know asks for £5 for the term (they only run for one term a year) which no one seems to mind paying.

Parents have also been generous in our club with bulbs, children's gloves etc.


Brilliant Deb - I knew I could rely on you for some great additions. Like the idea of subscription. Thanks!

Joanne Roach

Great ideas Dawn, nice one!
I only have a couple of extra suggestions as this list is pretty comprehensive!

Another good weblink is
This is their old schools site. The new set up is much shinier but what I like about this one is that it groups gardening tasks into half term chunks for you.

The Woodland Trust Free Trees for Schools scheme is worth a try for hedging and borders.

And I like square foot gardening if you haven't got much space or dosh because you can apply lots of ideas and learning in small spaces. to get some ideas to get you started.


Joanne - fantastic links - thank you so much. I've added them into the piece above.

trisha xx

As a gardener people give you duplicate presents over the years, particularly trowels and seed labels, it's worth asking parents/carers to donate spare, useable equipment they no longer need.


Trisha - Ah yes, the present duplication - good point. I'm still trying to get through multiple 'gardeners hand cream" from a Christmas overload.

Alice Willitts - Willow & Wren

One of the schools I work with has set up an enterprising produce sale - they sell bags of produce every Friday and make chutneys and jams to sell in the winter months. They're raking it in!


So many projects and ideas, I was worrying I might fall short of ideas if I requested a gardening club at my daughters pre-school but not now 😀


I shall return for more advise if they agree, good job guys !!!


Thanks Yasmin! I've been running the local pre-school gardening club here for seven years now (can't believe it's been that long!) and the children absolutely LOVE learning, sowing and growing.


thanks for sharing with us..

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