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March 03, 2014


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Margaret Ogden

January always seems to be a really long dismal month and February just whizzes by and before you know it there's loads to be done. I got the grandchildren planting bluebells, pots of crocus, snowdrops and tete a tete daffs in the woodland garden at the allotment. They have a den there so were quite keen to have their own little flower patch

Lucy Corrander

I have some cleaning they could do if they'd like to come round.

This next is a shamefacedly copy and paste comment. (I'm doing a last minute rush around to people who might be interested.)
Have you thought about following a tree with Loose and Leafy this year? There's information here and a Link Box tomorrow (7th March).


It is getting very difficult to get round to gardening in February - last year we had snow that killed everything off and this year we have had nothing but rain!

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