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March 28, 2014


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Fab! The kids can get in the queue - after reading your list, I want to go outside and do fun stuff! Use a pooter, haha! Love it! Err. What exactly is a pooter?


Thanks Caro. Ah yes - a pooter. It is not, as my husband thought, short for 'computer' but actually a container with tubes for safely collecting tiny insects. We make ours from old hummus pots and straws! It is also a rude word according to the urban dictionary but I know nothing of such things...


Great list. Thank you for the inspiration!

Elizabeth Reid

So great to meet you Dawn today at Cambridge University Botanical Garden. Francis (and me!) really enjoyed your fab workshop today, making pooters and decorating plant pots (twice)! We got it home safely! Keen to do more from your inspiring book! Thank you very much for a lovely day. :-D


Cassie - thanks so much

Elizabeth - lovely to meet you and Francis yesterday. Do let me know how you get on with the other 99 things! Best D

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