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April 15, 2013


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I really like the garden mirror...I also get so excited when you post a blog! Love your work.


Thanks Kimberly - that's very kind of you. It's also reminded me how very erratic my blog posting is. Must. Try. Harder.

Esther Montgomery

So much would like a garden mirror! It would make everything look so much bigger - and be fun. (Though would worry about setting the place on fire with it!)

Wondering if you could help re. Aquilegia - Is it, or is it not, poisonous? I didn't grow it till our children were reasonably grown because understood the seeds to be poisonous. I'd like to have some at the front of our house but the garden there is unfenced and there are lots of children in the street. According to Wikipedia, the seeds and roots are highly poisonous. but according to the Poison Garden Website - there's no scientific evidence for its toxicity.

Do you know . . .?


Hi Esther - I'm afraid I have rather a lax attitude towards such things - my garden is full of stuff that may be "harmful if eaten" but I think it's a very odd child who decides to eat roots, flowers and seeds. I would always avoid incredibly poisonous plants (Monkshood, Laburnum etc) but aquilegia really shouldn't fall into this category. Let's hope not anyway - I have it *all* over the garden. I really wouldn't worry about popping some in your front garden. Plus it's too lovely to miss out on.

Kingdom of Love

What a fab idea. I have 2 little ones and love it when we're all out in the garden. Gardens should be fun for children and a place where their imaginations can run wild. There are amazing accessories/furniture for kids too that are colourful and durable and make a garden space as much about play as it is for growing.

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