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February 16, 2013


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Oh dear, Norovirus is the worst and not much fun on half term!! Lovely post, my mother is always right also. No sure how she does it really! Naomi :)

James A-S

It also works well with children.
Place child by stick, make mark.
Wait a bit....


Naomi - as a mother, I have to say, it just goes with the territory. We are all right. Always. (Glad that's cleared that up)

James - it does indeed work, but only if you tie them very tightly to the stick and I am already on notice with Social Services. Wouldn't want to push my luck.

Sorry to hear about the Norovirus. So far we have escaped it.
You sure she wasn't sneaking down in the night, to push the cane a little deeper into the soil? :)

coriander seed

Norovirus is bad, very bad! Amaryllis is a show stopper when it flowers with its tropical and exotic look! Well, mothers are always right.

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