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January 18, 2013


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Now that. I like. :)

What an absolutely simple and lovely idea!
I found you via Pinterest and I'm gonna scour your archives with pleasure to see what other gems I can find.
Vialii Garden Services


Thanks for the kind comments!


The snow has been a real pain for me and business but sledging with my son and seeing these snow lanterns are defiantly the highlight of this winter snow!! Great idea


Those are so beautiful! If we ever get snow that lasts until dark we'll try that. We only get a few days a year with enough to do much with, and I haven't seen it last until dark. Maybe we can find some still in the shadows of trees or the corners of the yard.
I love your gardens and children connection. As a long time home school family, gardening has always been an actual part of our curriculum. Actually, gardening incorporates all subjects from math to art!


I forgot to mention that my 19 year old daughter still has a sheaf of wheat from when when she was in Kindergarten and "studied" The Little Red Hen! She sowed it, and reaped it, and...well, she didn't make bread from her wheat, but she did make bread!

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