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December 17, 2012


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Totally agree with you on this, and I think that little gardeners would be more rounded than french horn players who'd been pushed into it.
We're lucky to have a school where gardening is a big part of things, they even have a pizza oven.
I think knowing where their food comes from and how to grow your own is one of the best educations you can give a child.

I can help you out with the 20 grand slurry tank question - but you wouldn't want to know. Really. Good place to put the pushy parents though.


Marcus - love the sound of a pizza oven - would chose that over a perfectly balanced orchestra any day of the week

Cally - I knew I should have looked to you for the slurry tank guidance. Your words are, as always, so wise.

Karen - An Artist's Garden

giggle - love this post :)



I have always wanted a pizza oven! Just don't know how to do it.

This helps!

Landscaping Hartford CT

Grow Your Own Allotment

I think its great that kids are taking such an active interest in growing their own. Shame not all kids and parents are as enthusiastic.

Keep up the great posts!

Amanda White

I loved this bit about schools! Your writing is very funny. Although my passion is gift wrapping I have recently blogged about tree garlands which your children would LOVE to do. Hop over to and take a look at the blog!


Practical geography was my approach too. Parenting competitions completely bemuse me. I would never actively join one, but others seem to include you in theirs. Its nice to be dropped from the small talk at kids parties because you don't have interests in such schools etc

Garden Bags

Excellent blog many thanks for spending the time to write and upload. The beds look lovely, i love the buxus around the edges.

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