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November 26, 2012


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Joanne Roach

That looks ace, love the curvy grass roof. I do think you're being a bit unambitious with the fakery though. If you'd organised for all the kids at the nursery to have a really TOWIE spray tan they could have pretended they were oompa loompas...

Doncaster Estates

I think especially for those that are slighty older and still enjoy the sense of having a garden but cant physically upkeep it themselves i think it is very reasonable to have it.


Joanne - Oh why, oh why didn't I think of that? *slaps self repeatedly for missing Wizard of Oz hilarity*. x

DE - Yes another good reason - and safety surface may also reduce the number of hip operations *begins pitching to the NHS*


Hi there! I think it looks fabulous. And where oh where, did you get that fantastic shed from? My little girl would be beside herself with that! Thanks


Hi Emma - lovely playhouse isn't it? It's from a company called Framebow in Derbyshire - Lovely quality as well - I was very impressed.

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