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July 04, 2012


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The Constant Gardener

Your life is so like mine it is frightening...

Arabella Sock

Oh no! I thought you were a rebel and a wild child.. so it's down to Ann-Marie to carry that torch then?

I AM one of life's rebels. No. Don't roll your eyes in that *tell me something I don't know* way. This is a fab way to spend a rainy day - and another, even with the memory lapse problems. Sylvanian families can drive you bonkers. I've banned them.Everyone should make seed bombs. Lets have a party. Guerilla gardening rules! Balaclavas at the ready....


CG - the margarine tubs, the forgetfulness or just the kitchen table bomb making?

Ms Sock - To be fair, I'm becoming wilder with age. By the time I'm 80, I'll be unstoppable.

Cally - I know I like a good fancy dress party, but even I draw the line at balaclavas...

The Constant Gardener

All three... dreadful, isn't it.


Great idea, lovely for guerilla gardening plans!

I have a load of flower seed sent to me as a tester to use up, and this would be perfect.

After all what else is there to do with over 2,000 antirrhinum seeds!

Esther Montgomery

The title alone makes this post. You could use it for your next book. I suppose it's a good idea - but it seems a long way round to do it when you could simply through the seed . . . couldn't you?


Gaz - is the world really ready for 2,000 antirrhinums?

Esther - I think the point is the clay gives it enough heft to enable you to throw it into some inaccessible places in need of beautifying - as well as giving it something to germinate into.

James A-S

Gloria Hunniford was a right one in her day.
Ann-Marie has a poster of her in her wild-women shrine area surrounded by candles, joss sticks and anartfulmarrangement of full ashtrays, Rizzla packets with mysteriously torn edges and empty tumblers


James - Gloria Hunniford always seemed remarkably relaxed on TV. Now I understand why.


Also, I think you'll find Ann-Marie's wild woman shrine contains nothing more than a mirror.

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