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March 02, 2012


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Petra Hoyer Millar

Budding gardeners and plant entrepreneurs in the making!Lovely post, so nice to see children interested in plants and gardening. Have such fond memories of just the same with my parents.


I adore Wilkos - they arrived in Malvern at the beginning of the year and I seem to be in there most weeks. Bought a fig tree the other week for £3. Some of the strongst plants in my garden came from Woolworths so I am glad there is a replacement


Petra - Sadly, they are also interested in Horrid Henry and Rainbow Fairies, but at least it's a start!

Helen - It's addictive isn't it? And so useful for garden extras too. Best value brushwood screening for covering old sheds comes from there too.

pet food

At young age it is better to teach the kids on gardening. This can help them to familiarize with different kinds of plants.

Lorna Watson

I agree, I always get a shock when the total comes up whenever I've treated myself to a few packet of seeds. All the more reason to save as much of your own as possible.

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