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February 21, 2012


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Esther Montgomery

It looks wonderful.

As time goes by, you could add to them, have them round in a circle so you could have proper swinging parties.

Parks should have swings for grown-ups too. Maybe if they had proper 'grown up' swings, teenagers wouldn't be tempted to wrap the ones there are round the poles at the top.

. . . But the seats of these look a little close to the ground . . . or is that just the angle of the camera? (I like my feet to be right off the ground!)

Esther Montgomery



Esther - I never thought the phrase "proper swinging parties" would appear on this blog. I am strangely proud it has! Yes, I too am hoping for slightly higher seats but I am hoping that we can set this when the set is put up on site.


Esther - I also should disclose that it's another two months until my birthday, but I am milking it for all it's worth!

Esther Montgomery

Which means . . . that by the time you get to your 'real' birthday, your family will have forgotten this was a present - and you'll be able to ask for a second set!

Angela @Green Thumbs and Mucky Paws

Oh I love you for letting me know about this. My bank manager hates you, but I'm sure my fiance will love it too, so Mr Money is outvoted!

Adding this to my Birthday+Christmas list. :)


I have been buying myself Christmas and birthday preents for a few years now - guaranteed to get something you really want

Steam Shower Kits

Catchy swing slogan lol.


They are absolutely beautiful, what a wonderful touch!

garage equipment

Swing is one of the play equipment of the kid's. When I am in the park I can't see the swing vacant.

Ann-Marie Powell

I want to have the spare 'other' swing for an evening, oh and bags the drinks shelf too. Lucky you! xxx

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