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February 09, 2012


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'tis half term next week, so your timing is impeccable :)

Joanne Roach

Just bought it and can't wait to have a butchers. Well done you!


VP - I wish I could claim that the timing had something to do with me, but sadly, I can't!

Joanne - Thanks Joanne. I would really like to hear what you think. x


Good luck with the book launch I'm sure it'll be a hit!

Esther Montgomery


Hope the book sells really well.

I've written an Esther style review.


Damo - thanks so much.

Esther - I have just left a comment - will promise more Star Wars themed projects and less wine boxes next time! Dx

Esther Montgomery

I like the idea of cress light-sabres. My mind wobbles about at the thought. Don't change anything about the approach for the next book. It's not bland - and that's important. It's aspirational as well as inspirational. And it doesn't matter whether your readers know what wine boxes are or not. We understand the principle. The book has set me off thinking all sorts of things about class bias which I doubt are the kind of things most people who buy the book will be bothering about - just me . . . and I find it grippingly interesting. We all bring our particular interests with us when we open a book. The first response one of my children had to it was whether the children in the pictures are all yours - that was his first focus.

I was in Bristol yesterday and came across a bookshop. (Rare enough!)I looked around, then lurked around outside a bit, plucked up courage, went back in and suggested they should consider stocking your book. I wasn't sure what kind of response I'd get but the woman behind the counter said they liked recommendations - and wrote it down to look into.

Hope it's worked!


P.S. Next time, after the success of this book, you'll have more clout with the publishers - who will then be more assiduous about matching the pictures to the text and you'll be able to fill the pages with old barrows!


Esther - I think there were about 12 different children used in the book. I have just gone slightly pale at the thought of being a mother to such a multitude. And thank you so much - for the encouraging words but also for your genius marketing techniques in Bristol. I am indebted! Dx

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Good luck with the book launch. I like the idea of cress light-sabres.

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