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February 02, 2012


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Fascinating. So, did he manage to chisel it open? He should have tried tapping and unwrapping.


Jo - No, but I did! *smug look*

Mark D

You have a husband who wears slippers? He seems very nice and everything too...but surely he's 30 years to young by the looks of him (not for you, for slippers I mean)


Mark - I'll admit, they aren't doing a great deal for his image. However, in his defence, they are 'Homey' slippers which, apparently, is quite a "cool" slipper brand (surely an oxymoron?)

Lesley Chapelles

If he matched those slippers with a pair of scarlet cords he'd be my hero.


Lesley (for that is what I will call you), please don't encourage him. It won't end well...

James A-S

"Do its bum hole, you know: the other bit"
I must congratulate you on the worldly sophistication of your friends....


James - More worryingly, she's a respected journalist. I think, perhaps, time spent in my company has a detrimental effect on those around me.

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wow! so nice!

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