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January 27, 2012


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Mark D

If I was slightly more tedious i'd waste this comment space telling you how apparently delicious yew berries are although the seed is terribly poisonous, but fortunately I'm far to exciting for that.

And thank you for clearling up the WIR thingy - I saw Jane's tweet and your replies and thought it must be some great dosiness on my part for not knowing what it stood for. TOIWALOMUC (turns out it was a load of made up cobblers)

Arabella Sock

Yep... The Bedsock and I always refer to him as 'the badger killer' too

Esther Montgomery

I always want to like Tony Archer. Bring back Nigel! It was all a bad dream. I'm running out of people to like.

And I'm in the wrong kind of mood. I'm now imagining you've been marking out white lines for athletic chickens to run between. Ready, steady, go!

Potty Mummy

Re: the white lines - you just can't get the staff these days, can you...

James A-S

A Yew berry is delicious but slightly sticky and gelatinous. The secret is to remove the flesh then spit out the seed. I was demonstrating the palatability of Yew berries to a rather smart client but, unfortunately, when it came to the spitting bit the trajectory was fouled by the gooey flesh and it ended up hanging off my chin.

Which rather dented the wise and all knowing impression I was trying to give.


Mark - You? Tedious? Never! I find your tales of berries endlessly fascinating. MBLS (Might be lying slightly)

Arabella - it is the only acceptable form of address in the circumstances

Esther - In my opinion, Tony can never be forgiven for siring Helen. And don't let Tom Archer read your idea abot chicken races - he'll give his pigs the starter pistol and it'll be a viral hit before week is out.

Potty Mummy - I have had stern words with myself. I'm hoping it will do the trick.

James - Hat, or no hat, even you would have trouble making that look work. Did you eat worms as an encore?


I think chicken are overrated, my sister was terrified of hers, they became very aggressive and wanted to get in the house. Although this may be as a reaction to being called Sage & Onion. Get a tiny pig instead - then you can house train it!!

garage equipment

I think the berries are colorful that's why they got the attention of the chicken. But I'm just thinking are the berries poisonous?


Helen - my husband would agree with you. After some teenage related trauma, he is convinced hens are 'evil'.

GE - See James' comment - messy more than poisonous apparently, but the seeds are certainly viscious (and hens have a tendency to grind these I believe which is not a good combination). However, it's actually the needles/leaves I worry about - they're also poisonous and would be the main "green temptation" next to the run.

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