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January 09, 2012


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Potty Mummy

Love it!


OK that was the cutest thing I've seen in a long time (hope he's over the pox soon!)

Petra Hoyer Millar

Ohhhh, just lovely!!! Terribly sweet!

Melissa Jolly

That is SO very very sweet!

Esther Montgomery

Career as news-reader beckons. Maybe scientist. Hope not cook.


Esther - and I edited out the bit where he dribbled into the mixture...


Well done Archie - think you should do lots more on Mummy's blog

Lia Leendertz

Shameless, using videos of your cute kids to lure in comments. Mesmerised by your impressive wine rack. Archie obviously utterly adorable too...


Lia - I learnt from the master (pollinating peaches anyone? x


That is so cute! He's a natural presenter!

Mark D

Darn it, mine's 6 years old and although obviously lovely has lost a few cute points compared to a 3 year old. I'll have to adopt a very cute-looking child v quickly or face up to the fact that the blog crown will no longer be mine next year. Lovely


Helen - Archie agrees, but please don't encourage him. I'm getting All About Eve flashbacks.

Mark - I learnt from a master - peddle tales of woe or, failing that, roll out the cute kids.

Lorna Watson

He's the most conscientious three year old I have ever seen. Smiling to the camera and with chicken pox too. Incredible.


That is so cute, my 4 year old made me play it over 3 times! I did pinecone feeders with the kids a couple of weeks ago and blogged about them, the birds loved them.


Lorna - this might be because he loves nothing more than being centre of attention (plus I cut out all diva moments)!

Scentedsweetpeas - They look lovely (although I'm even more jealous of your pom pom garland). In this version, we don't melt the lard - if it's left at room temperature for a few hours, the children can squish it up and there's no need for the less-than-pleasant smell of melted lard (and the dangers of hot fat). x


A media career beckons! Great idea, we'll be doing this with our kids soon.


Damo - it is a great activity for the kids although even better when it's warm enough to do outside as it can get a little messy.


Dear Dawn,

I recently discover your site and I very love it!

The video with your son put a big smile on my face. What a cute lad!

Thank you for the inspiration!


Jasmine - thanks so much for the lovely comment. Hope you'll visit again (although usually it's just me, not Archie, which is far less cute)

Lawn Mowing Taupo

Yes, msot definitely an outdoor activity lol.

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