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January 16, 2012


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The Constant Gardener

Oh I think it's compulsory to break all NY resolutions by the end of January on principle and as a warning to self not to do anything so silly again.

That studio G blog is just gorgeous. Currently lusting after the garden swings they have there... and that bridge in the Netherlands is just superb. Better not site it anywhere tidal though :D


CG - I know, those swings are truly works of art. Completely wasted on kids!

Esther Montgomery

I never make New Year resolutions but I'm wondering whether to make a list of what happened in 2011 and say that is what I intended. Instant success.

Mark D

I havent made mine yet...the reason being I like a good bit of time to chew possibilities over and I had a big cold over the festive season *encourages collective ahhhhhh*. I shall do so before the end of the month, honest.

Good luck with failing on yours with at least a reasonable degree of style


Esther - That is genius. Retrospective resolutions, here I come!

Mark - It might be best you avoid resolutions altogether. It will only result in you planting a whole field with the rare Unba-lunga tree from which, in 20 years time, you will harvest half a basket of fruit. No-one needs that. x

Lorna Watson

Love your blog Dawn. And I really appreciate the advice you game me recently. It has made me bounce back with a gung-ho attitude, though it's mostly in spirit right now as my body is full of virus. I'm doing a giveaway over at my blog btw x


Hi Lorna - I'm so pleased you're feeling more positive (in spirit at least). By the way, I have been trying to leave comments on your blog but failing - not sure if it's me or the technology (let's face it - it's probably me...)

Lorna Watson

Thanks for letting me know. Something strange is going on because someone else has had the same problem but others have been able to comment. You can 'like' my facebook page to be included in the giveaway.

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