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September 01, 2011


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I aspire to be thought of like one of those eccentric ladies when I am gone. I think they must have been wonderful

Lia Leendertz

This is so exciting and I can't wait to hear it. Well done you! Very cool. But I really think we need to know what key moment occured while listening to John Major's desert island discs. And if it's what I think it is then...oh dear...that is a shame for you.


Helen - Totally agree. Being an eccentric old bird is one of the few really exciting things to look forward to in the ageing process.

Jane Perrone

Oooh, cool - and a great thing to do. Although for a minute there I thought you were going to say you were a panelist!

I share your reverence for R4. One of my proudest moments was being interviewed by Jenni Murray on Woman's Hour (about technology, not gardening - in the days when I was a "real" journalist)...


Lia - I'm afraid it probably is, but in my defense he did choose Rhapsody in Blue...

Jane - Panellist? In my dreams! A Jenni Murray interview definitely counts as a Radio 4 top moment - is she as fierce as I imagine?


Oh fab - well done. Like Jane I thought you were going to say you're a panellist. We obviously think most highly of you!

As well as aspiring to be an old bat in the Hinge and Bracket mould, I have regularly contributed to the laughter heard on I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue :)


Will endeavour to listen. Radio 4 has been companion of choice for many years and I suspect will become an even closer friend during the coming winter months following our move from Blghty next week.


VP - I thought I recognised that chuckle!

Thursday - It is as vital as Marmite for any ex-pats - and a lot more entertaining. Good luck with the move.

Esther Montgomery

I'll listen on Sunday or (more likely, given general busy-ness of family life) on the i-Player. I think I will be more interested to hear your voice than to listen to the piece. (Even if it is very good and very important.)

When reading posts, my brain inadvertently creates voices for bloggers. Clearly they are all wrong and the truth may be as disconcerting as the reality of a face from Radio 4 when seen for the first time.

I've linked from my post

to a photo of nasturtiums on Little Green Fingers. Hope this is ok.



Esther - Oh dear. My voice is bound to be a huge disappointment (it is to me)! But you're right, I always think I know how bloggers will sound (and look) and I'm rarely close.
Please feel free to link to nasturtiums or indeed anything - it is always an honour.

cat davidson

Tea , Chocolate Digestives, Gardens and Radio 4 - I don't think there is anything else required to make me very happy. Will be listening to the podcast in the next week, sounds really interesting. Just found your blog through a recommended list, greatly looking forward to reading. Best wishes, Cat


Cat - You're right! How could I have forgotten Chocolate Digestives? *smacks forehead in amazement* Really hooe you enjoy the podcast and thanks for visiting.

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