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September 20, 2011


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Some of us would pay good money to be tethered to a chair by an awardwinning playwright you know.

I like yr grasshead


Mark - 'would' or 'have' sir... 'would' or 'have'?


your post did make me smile :-) Loving the story of you having to be tethered to a chair - it must have been a fun night :-)


These look lots of fun, going to have to try this with my kids I think.


Scentedsweetpeas - it was not only a fantastic night, I can even remember it all (which distinguishes it from many nights out I had whilst actually at college)

Marcus - Do give it a go! It's not as useful for sandwich garnishes as the cress versions, but because grass grows back from near the base, it is much better for cutting hairstyles!

Cally@Country Gate Gardens

I have only ever been tethered to an award winning actor - and that was in the three-legged race at school. We came second, by the way.


Cally - you have so got to expand on that story! I'm intrigued.

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