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September 07, 2011


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Fantastic - you are indeed super Mum or just plain mad!

If I were you I would start making the glitter ball now ready for next year


Helen - It's Strictly season so I may have to get a glitter ball anyway...

Esther Montgomery

It sounds wonderful.

I had to write birthday party invitations once for a four-year-old who insisted everyone came as a leaf.

Poor parents of invitees!



Esther - you really shouldn't say such things in my hearing. I may well steal that idea and continue my dreadful habit of torturing other parents.

Cally @ Country Gate Gardens

Late to the (bug) party, as usual. You really are heading for the Supermum title this year - even without the birthday sugarcraft. Fab idea though which unashamedly I shall try to pass off as my own in due course ;-))

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