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August 29, 2011


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Arabella Sock

Awww... look at your little garden in a bowl complete with washing line and shed and everything. When I were a little girl we had to make do with a bowl full of sand for a desert island, a carrot top for the palm tree, and a compact mirror half buried in the sand for the oasis. But we were still happy ... ish.

Well done on the book front!


Ha ha...funny how a book can give the impression of being written in a bubble of serenity while the reality is so v different. I was talking to the author of one of my fave food books and I told her how I loved the lovely light tone (and she didnt even *snog* me)...and she laughed and told me she'd been an absolute witch to live with and stressing out about it morning noon and night. You are not alone. Looking forward to reading it x


I love the dinosaurs :) The nice thing is that by the time the book is published you will feel all serene again, and make it look easy. No wonder no one knows what it takes!


Arabella - I'm so nicking that idea for the next book. Mostly because of the classy use of compact. Now if I can just work in the cigarette holder flag pole and tiara curved seat I can call it the Audrey Hepburn oasis garden.

Mark - She didn't snog you? Why not? Surely no one is safe from your legendary West Country charms.

Emma - Yes, it's again rather like childbirth - I'll be all rose-tinted spectacles by then thinking what a good idea it would be to start another one.


Well done. I remember minature garden competitions at the school fair and as Arabella says there were a lot of compact mirrors as ponds with little toy ducks on.

What did you kids think of the whole thing? Are they expecting you to maintain this level of manic creativity just to entertain them?


Helen - the kids are probably more relieved than I am as they were press ganged into unpaid modelling at every opportunity.


Am dabbling with Blurb at the moment for some presents for relatives. Having just edited 248 pages down to 160, replaced 30 odd photos because they weren't good enough and put together the index, I have a new found respect for anyone daring to write the real thing.

And I haven't done a proof read of the darn thing yet.

On holiday we visited a garden of someone who's about to have her garden projects book published by Timber Press. We could hardly move for the various finished projects that were left all over the garden. Is yours the same now - that hopscotch pathway for example?


VP - So many... dinosaur tyre garden, alpine wreath, scented hopscotch, salad window box etc, etc, etc. By the way - that's some impressive editing on your part!


Any chance of this being ready for Xmas? Looks fab, I'm inspired already.


Drumagh - I wish! Sadly, due to a laborious printing process that involves it travelling around the world, it won't be out until February.
Thanks for the kind words.

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