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July 12, 2011


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Self-seeders are great aren't they, this year I'm overrun with cornflowers, pot marigolds, aquilegia and red o'rache. If they're not where I want they get chopped by the hoe, couldn't be easier!



Would you tell me what is the plant at the top of column 3 - DSC 0038 - called. It's in my garden but I don't know what it is.




Damo - You're right - it's a doddle (provided you get round to a bit of hoeing which I don't always manage)

Steve - that's the purple loosestrife (I think!)

Flowering Pear

This is the perfect way to plant a family garden, i like it..
Thanks for sharing...


Flowering Pear - *bows low* you are most welcome.


I have all of these, some of them in ludicrous quantities and I don't even have small children as an excuse/reason. They are all lovely plants and so much of what I might buy would die up here. Seems daft not to listen to plants telling you what they like!


Elizabeth - You are so right - I'm not sure why so many gardeners seem to fight against self seeders.

Fake grass

Modern garden design has changed dramatically over the years. Minimalist aspects can make the garden into a great space for living and entertaining, focusing on materials rather than planting. You can party and relax in a minimalist garden with great ease and it is very simple to look after. On the other hand, to save water and less maintenance, I installed a fake grass lawn for a more sophisticated look.

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