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June 19, 2011


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What a great idea. I know exactly what you mean, we have been slowly doing our house for 5 years and it always brings chaos - but well worth it in the end. We're now thinking of extending and doing it in the autumn, we must be mad!


Chutneyandspice - I have a theory that home improvement is something like childbirth - your body is flooded with hormones after both that are designed to help you forget the pain. That is the only rational explanation why we continue to subject ourselves to either.

BelgraviaWife - sort of

Oh this made me chuckle, and two rooms are better than one. While they're at it they can look for Glenn Miller & Titus Oates.....xx


I probably needed this reminder. After 6 years with my fingers in my ears and a blindfold on we are finally going to do something about the hideous, mouldy hell hole we call a kitchen. I was feeling quite keen...


Belgravia Wife - I have added them to the list (the build, you may gather, is not going very fast).

Elizabethm - Sorry. I can only recommend leaving on the blindfold and fingers in the ear whilst it's going on.

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