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June 06, 2011


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The way this was written had me smiling as I could imagine every scenario you describe.

I have two boys who would love to visit.


That sounds like a good day out. I remember taking my two to a dinosaur place near Tenby and we were scared rigid when one of them growled at us - pathetic really!
Tatton has a huge adventure playground by the car park luckily mine were far too old to consider this just adopted the teenage stoop as I dragged them to the Japanese Garden

Esther Montgomery

Sounds just the kind of place I would have wanted to go to when I was little - and my parents would have said 'Another day'.

The picture at the top didn't load straight away. I thought it was a pictureless post then, suddenly, after I'd begun to read, the page jerked back to the top and the dinosaur jumped out at me.

Will you go back - or will the children demand only that anywhere is ok as long as there are ice-creams?

Funny the way mounds call.


Esther Montgomery

Hope mentioning you on today's post for Esther's Boring Garden Blog is ok.

Let me know if not and I will change it.



Wow I don't about my daughter but I personally would love the dino trail, I'm such a kid!


Brian - Take them! It's perfect boy fodder.

Helen - Yours growled? I now feel our dinosaurs weren't really trying hard enough *adopts stroppy teenage stoop of her own*

Esther - That was my ode to Jurrasic Park. Just be thankful it wasn't a velociraptor lurking at the top of the post. Not sure we'll rush to go back - I haven't got dino-obsessed kids and the rest of the gardens weren't enough of a draw for a return visit. (And, of course, I am completely honoured to get a mention on Esther's Boring Garden Blog!)

Sarah - You are braver than me (which, admittedly, isn't saying much).

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