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May 09, 2011


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Joanne Roach

Both on the being accepted by NGS (very cool) and the deciding to ignore the to do list, which we could all copy and be a damn sight happier.

Karen - An Artists Garden

Well done you!
I am not surprised the man from the NGS said yes - your garden is looking very lovely.

I am sure that there would be garden visitors who would welcome a child friendly garden, (unlike mine, where I wanted to charge children £10 for entrance!) - you will have a niche market as a "children positively welcomed" garden.


Wow well done! Good luck with the preparations, both weeding and baking!


Well done. I admire you, not sure if I have the confidence to let strangers roam around mine.

Melinda Quelinda


Its going to be phenomenally hard work getting ready though!

Im so excited for you! And should you need to, shake down your neighbours to borrow some extra seating!


Congratulations! Very brave of you - hope i all goes really well.

Carolyn @ Urban Veg patch

Wonderful that you're given a year's notice - plenty of time to sow self-seeding perennials and ground cover to cut down on the work next year. I have a sneaking suspicion that, with 3 children, your baking skills are exemplary having been honed at many a class tea - but, just in case, look out for spectacularly beautiful fairy cake cases and splendid cake stands -the visitors will be wowed regardless! Caro x


Joanne - wise words madam.

Karen - £10? Cheap at the price but I thought you were just going to install a holding pen for children?

Damo - thanks!

Helen - I see you've tempered your original comment of 'You're mad!'.

Melinda - thankfully I have access to an entire village hall over the road so that side's covered.

GFM - 'You're brave' is one of those slightly scary phrases...

Caro - I can honestly say that flapjacks are the only things I can bake well. My cake failings are legendary.

Nina Walsh

This is looking great, i wish my garden looks like this in a couple of years. I have recently moved and slowly am design and building a new garden. The conifer roots in the back of the garden were almost a metre deep in some parts took a day to remove three stumps.

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