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May 17, 2011


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How very Enid Blyton. We used to build dens and have clubs when I was a kid - very exciting at the time

Esther Montgomery

Brilliant. Secret Seven immediately comes to mind, even though your children are smaller.

It looks as though this will be a success. I made a den for my children but they refused to use it when they found slugs under the make-shift flooring and noticed a couple of spiders passing through.

They might well have appreciated something more sophisticated (like this) better.



This is exactly how all the best revolutions begin... lock your door as you may well end up dragged out of bed in the middle of the night for some sort of kangaroo court appearance.


I'd like to be a member of a secret gardening club, what fun!I think it is so lovely that your children have got their own little corner to do as they wish, they will have hours of creative imaginative play there (if this cold wet weather ever goes away!) I love the brushwood screening, I'd like some of that to hide our oil tank, have you got any good tips on where to get some?

Flowering Trees Tennessee

Nice post! Interesting story..
Thanks for sharing..


Helen - Me too. Ours was called Swallows and Amazons (originality of name was not its strength).

Esther - I think 'sophisticated' might be stretching it, but you are very kind.

James - I am already being dragged out of my bed by children several times each night. Secret police forces around the world could learn something from my kids.

Chutneyandspice - I got our brushwood screening from B&Q this time - it's £17 for 4m x 1m but the cheapest place is usually Wilkinsons where it's only £6 for 3m x 1m but they only have it in for a short while each year.

FTT - thanks!

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