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May 03, 2011


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Metropolitan Mum

Naked serenading? Hahahaha. Thanks for the tip not to try it. I might have been tempted otherwise... :)


Odd that you should bring this up but I well remember a moment not that many years ago when I witnessed a similar duet from multi award winning designer Cleve West and Matthew Wilson (presenter of Channel4's Landscape Man and former gardens supremo for the RHS).

They were both naked, one playing the bouzouki and the other a double bass. Fortunately the size of their respective instruments saved both much embarrassment to bystanders and alarm to nearby horses.


I love treasure hunts. Instead of writing clues (mine are all young kids) I take photos of areas of the garden at strange angles (to make them think and make it last longer) and let the kids see if they can match up the pictures. It's a winner every time.


MM - Now don't let me hold you back - it's a free world after all.

James - Have been trying to weigh up the probablity of this being true against your habit of telling porkies. I shall await photographic evidence.

Sarah - Nice idea. I do spotters' sheets for the pre-schoolers but strange angles is a new.. well... angle, so I might have to try that.

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