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March 01, 2011


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Kay Sexton

Ha! Doesn't just apply to children - terriers have an intense desire to test the bouncability of greenhouse panels. Falco's score was Falco 1 glass 0, and Falco v polycarbonate a no score draw in that he knocked the panel out in one mad run but failed to even dent it so we just shoved it back in.


I bet if you dismantled it and started again (heaven forbid), the laws of IKEA would come into play and you'd have 3 completely random bits left over


It is very exciting getting a greenhouse, all the possibilities that it opens. Mine is packed all year round and I wish it was as big as yours. Putting the panes in the roof was one of the scariest things I've done - I was convinced I was going through.
Hide the footballs and have fun


The greenhouse looks great and agree with you on under 3s in the garden!


I have a vague memory of Joe Brown having to hack in to my computer to view the few and randon pictures I took of the dismantling of The Weirdest Constructed Greenhouse We Had Ever Seen as he tried to reassemble it.


Ah yes, greenhouse construction. Far scarier than IKEA furniture assembly due to the glass. You are very right about glazing clips. Hope your fingers recover soon, at least the sacrifice was worth it, lovely looking base. Lovely looking greenhouse! Enjoy :-)

Joanne Roach

My other half also took photos of the greenhouse as we took it to pieces, but then inexplicably refused to refer to them when rebuilding it...
I also managed to ping my neighbour on the head with a glazing clip. They moved not long after. Not sure if those two facts are connected.
Being ina frankly football obsessive household (both adults and children) our glass greenhouse is now encased in a frame of wire and wood which ended up costing us more than the second hand greenhouse. Ho hum.
Yours looks ACE - nice one!


Kay - And no video camera to hand? Surely that's a guaranteed £250 on 'You've Been Framed' or indeed any show fronted by Harry Hill?

VP - you may be right, but would you mind awfully if I didn't test that particular theory?

Helen - I seriously hope I use it as much as you do (and I should) - at least for a while before the kids trash it.

Damo - I suspect the 'no under 3s in the garden' would get near universal support.

Thursday - I am now incredibly curious to see the WCGWHES (is that trademarked by the way?)

Janet - Thank you. Sadly the finger is still showing grenhouse distress, but it was worth it.

Joanne - That is almost the definition of being male isn't it? I might have to come back to you on the 'caged greenhouse' construction as Archie's kicks get stronger.


Oh I would love a greenhouse like that. I have four footballing sons though so it isn't going to happen!

Esther Montgomery

Someone reckons greenhouses take too much attention.

Fingers sound sore.

We have a semi-circular metal structure for plant pots. My husband was pleased when he put it together because he had 'spare bits' left over. It's wonky.

I've just seen Plantalicious' Dormabile. I want it. I've now seen your greenhouse. I want that too. I'm going blog-window-shopping.


Metropolitan Mum

Ooooh, that's gorgeous! I want one of those!!! I have no idea where to put it, but I desperately want one of those! xx


Hope you had a glass of bubbly in your new 'home'.X


Ha - thanks for the words of wisdom and another great blog post :)

It's a great ideas to sit the greenhouse on sleepers. Can I ask where you sourced them from?

Thanks x


Ella - you may be right. With just two of that species I think my greenhouse may have a short life.

Esther - Window shopping for glasshouses; there's an irony there somewhere.

MM - Surely just another reason to sort out this house move.

Troutie - I think we may have been separated at birth. My first thought was indeed a 'topping out ceremoney' complete with bubbly, but as it was freezing cold, glass panes were missing and there was no floor in the structure, I have, so to speak, put the champagne on ice.

Horticultblog - I got the sleepers from Bannolds - my local landscape supplier. You should be able to buy new oak sleepers from a similar source for between £30-40 each and they are a perfect base.

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