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February 22, 2011


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Rob Stacewicz

Such a cute and fun thing to do! The world needs more mums like you! X


Rob - quite frankly the world needs more Rob Stacewicz's first. Thank you lovely man. Dx


Lovely idea, am off out now, lets see what i can get !


Sarah - Good luck! Let me know how you get on.


Really delightful. Made me do one of those faces that people pull at fluffy things or babies. X


Troutie - I really can't picture you pulling that sort of a face. Flipping the bird or a menacing sneer, yes, fluffy kitten face, not so sure. x

Karen - An Artists Garden

Lovely post Dawn - I am also a big fan of charity shops for vases and flower containers - currently I am keeping my eyes open for cut glass rose bowls - just incase my roses flower this summer!

Your arrangements are very "Spring"

Minneapolis Flowers

This is a really nice idea. The arrangements look really cute and I'm glad to see you are a fan of having them help a charity shop.

Esther Montgomery

They look delightful.

Our charity shops have become so children-unfriendly and so expensive many of the original volunteers have left in sorrow, some shops have closed - and my children went through a phase of shouting in anger whenever an advert for one in particular came through the door. Their pocket money was based around what could be bought in charity shops - and their love of books was established through charity shops as much as through libraries but children have been swept under the carpet or out of the door . . .

Hope yours stay worth visiting!



Thanks, I always enjoy your blogs ... funny, human and educational. Quick question: how long do you keep these cutting gardens??? just that ours I usually find several months down the road looking rather mank and with some newly discovered fungus growning on them! :P


Love the dainty arrangements. Very nice. My garden is a bit short of small and pretty things just yet so I have been going the 'make an impact with long stems of forsythia' route - with flowering currant waiting in the wings... :)


Karen - I am faintly embarrassed that you have even seen the arrangements as I know how impressive your own are. Still, we have to start somewhere I suppose... (I refer to myself, rather than Oscar, of course)

Minneapolis Flowers - thanks for the comment and stopping by the blog. Yes, the kids are huge charity shop fans.

Esther - How sad. Thankfully, the gentrification of charity shops has not reached us as yet - and long may it remain so. They are perfect places for children.

Lindsey - You are too kind (I am blushing). This is our first cutting garden and is mostly bulbs so will not last more than a season (especially as this is one of the few patches in the garden which we try to change every year).

Naomi - I love the forsythia and flowering currant style arrangements too. We are also cutting pussy willow stems and letting them flower inside. x

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