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February 04, 2011


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I am so glad it isnt just me that is rubbish at the whole veg cooking thing. My problem is its only really me that eats veg in my house, I have failed as a mother to encourage my offspring to eat healthily. Which is all hysterical when you consider I have taken on an allotment!! I have asked for Lloyd's Gardener Cook in the whole that I will find why to consume the vast crops I will naturally have.
and yes yes please, I would love the chance to see that sheepskin headband


yes please, I would love the chance to see that sheepskin headband

sal wookey

yes pls i would love a chance 2 see the sheepskin headband Dawny!

Countrygate Cally

Lay the sheepskin headband on me sister. Re the contents of the vegbox. One word...soup and lots of it. No, of course the kids won't eat it but you might. Or you could divert a bit to cakes as advocated by Harry Eastwood. Try it. The little daahlings will never know their delish orange cupcake contained butternut squash.


"Witty and life-enhancing"? Prepare for disappointment...

I sympathise with the veg cooking thing. I actually rather miss getting a regular veg box because it forced me to work out what to do with strange things like celeriac - of which I am now a huge fan. Now I just churn out the same old stuff with the same old carrots, parsnips, green beans and calabrese. I want to grow kale because it is pretty, easy, and grows over winter when otherwise my brand new allotment would be bare - or, more likely, covered in weeds. But I have yet to find a way to eat it that I can stand. And there has to be more than one way to cook cabbage? Surely? So yes please, I would love to see the sheepskin headband in action.

Karen - An Artists Garden

Oh Dawn - this post made me grin - I love growing veg - and Shedman is totally bemused as to why I grow the stuff - and then dont eat it!

So please add my name to the bobble hat of destiny so I can learn to "glug and whack" my way in the kitchen


I always felt a bit sorry for Bri when reading Jamie at Home, the How I grow xyz sections - surely it should be how Bri grows xyz - and yes please I would love to see the sheepskin headband in action.


I actually grow veg because I want the best ones on the table - I love 90% of them and am always looking for new ways to prepare them.

"yes please, I would love the chance to see that sheepskin headband"


Helen - I guess your boys are probably a bit beyond the 'hide veg within a torrent of cheesy sauce' method. How about slipping a few peas into their beer?

Sal/Rangerjen - your names are in!

Cally - butternut squash in cupcakes? Doesn't that qualify as child cruelty?

Janet - Jamie does a warm winter salad served with concertina squid which might be right up your kale street.

Karen - Shedman and Reuben have the same, quite understandable, reaction on that.

Damo - Yes, poor Bri - very much the Cinderella of the veg beds.

Martha - You could probably teach Jamie a thing of two, but you're in the bobble hat anyway.

Countrygate Cally

Phone the NSPCC. Seedcake with potatoes, chocolate muffins with courgettes..there is no end to the depths of my sneakiness.


Hi Dawn, I am the opposite of you, I love cooking veg, but am really not very good at growing it, which is why I am loving your blog!! You could check out a great book by some one called Charlotte Hume, its called The Great Big Veg Challenge(Vermilion), based on a blog she had with her son who hated eating veg, so they basically ate their way through the alphabet of veg with recipes send to them from all over the world. My girls love the beetroot ristotto which we call 'pink rice' - lots of fun ideas in there. I've got a little blog, might be a few ideas on there too for cooking veg with children, got a pesto recipe on there and a few others.


just been back to my charlotte hume book to try and remember some of her recipes - they include scooby doo aubergine burgers, broad bean soup for children who hate broad beans, carrot cake with polenta, rainbow pizza, cress quiche, beetroot juice lollies, kale chips....I'm getting hungry typing these!


Every year one of my (unwritten) resolutions is to use the stuff I grow more creatively! So yes please, I would love the chance to see that sheepskin headband!


he he, this post did make me giggle! I cant grow a thing unless its from a pot on the windowsill but i cook a mean veggy soup, we make a right pair :)))
and "yes please, I would love the chance to see that sheepskin headband" my son is in awe of the great jamie at the mo, so he would LOVE it! xx


For some good veg recipes you can try the 'Abel and Cole' website. Veg is one tricky bugger. X

Michelle Wheeler

Yes please...Trying to think of something witty to say.Nope brain gone to the dark side of RHS revision.Happy days....


Alex - thanks for the book recommendation - I will try to tackle some of these recipes.

Emma - somehow I imagined you would be a genius at the whole 'cooking your own' malarkey. Frankly, I'm shocked!

Icklebabe - yes, soup made from week old veg seems to be our stock in trade too.

Troutie - as always, you tell it like it is...

Michelle - get back to the books you skiver!

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