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February 02, 2011


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Arabella Sock

I do hope that they have one of those lovely hyacinth glass vases where you perch the bulb in the top bit and watch the roots grow down into the water. House of endless excitement with that!


Arabella - I must admit the roots and indeed the vases are supremely attractive, but there's no esacping the fact it still gives you a very smelly hyacinth in the end. And that's a step too far for me...


A few years ago, I bought my kids Zoo Tycoon, which is a video game version of the same thing.
I became addicted, but had to stay on the learner/intro bit, as I wasn't really interested in the zoo, but in designing the planting! You don't get points for making it look beautiful, unfortunately. But I recommend it, if it's still available. There's a dinosaur version too.


The bulb checks are a great idea to keep the kids interested at this time of year. Ours aren't aware of ROAR yet, thankfully, or all hell would have broken loose with the site down, the equivalent of losing their favourite Peppa Pig DVD behind the sofa the other day!

Esther Montgomery

My eyes widened when I read 'bunting'. Bravery!

My indoor bulbs, despite being on windowsills, have grown leaves like beanstalks - which have splayed like the legs of octopuses.

Do you not have trouble with drainage in wellies? (They look great though!)


Joanne Roach

Vote number 2 for Zoo Tycoon, which I became entirely addicted to, and doesn't rely on someone else's server.
Roar is ace but I have to admit that Steve Backshall's psychopathic good cheer in the face of deadly bugs / teeth / stings etc (plus the odd flash of ripped shoulders) often lures me to Deadly 60 instead.


Victoria - thanks for the Zoo Tycoon recommendation although I am shocked you get no points for horticultural flair.

Damo - You lost Peppa Pig? I'm surprised you loved to tell the tale.

Esther - I do drill holes in the wellies (and my leg when the wellie slips, which is unfortunate)

Joanne - I'm not sure it's entirely dignified to lust after CBBC presenters (although I suppose it's less worrying than a crush on Mr Tumble)

Joanne Roach

Just so we're all clear, EVERYTHING is less worrying than a crush on Mr Tumble.

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