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January 16, 2011


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I have pram wheels but that isnt much good for you. Go on freecycle or befriend the chaps at the local dump. Thats where my boys sourced theirs when they were building a go-cart (those are the wheels I have to get rid of)


Impressive delegation skills - would your Dad do your weekly blog entry too?! I looked after chickens for a year and they were never vicious, and delivered lots of lovely eggs. I still miss it. Though it does rather sound as if you are out of room when it comes to accommodating some... Any attic space?!

Joanne Roach

How about persuading your school to keep chickens and you could be in charge of them? Then you get the experience without the space issues, husband buying a rifle, etc... Our kids' school has two hens in a little moveable egloo and they all love it.

Love the market stall idea btw. Will watch out for that one.

Happy new year, however many or few resolutions you get done! Hope it's a brilliant year. x


Helen - don't be so sure... Surely you can be tempted to pop some in the back of the car during, say, a visit to Eastern Walled Gardens? Pram wheels would make a change from the usual plant swaps on such occsaions.

Janet - my father has the same reaction to computers as my husband does to chickens so I believe that's a delegation too far. And I fear the attic plan may challenge my free-range credentials.


Joanne - HNY right back atcha. (God, I'm so street, it's scary).

Like the idea of bringing livestock into the school but I fear this sort of proposal would make me out as 'trouble' right from the start. The under-10 aninal liberation front would probably have 'freed' them within the week.


When my father was in the army many of the soldiers came from the East End and had market stall experience.

The yells of costermongers are more notable for their volume than their content. One of these market trading soldiers had a trademark call of "Cat Pissed On The Strawberries" of which the only easily comprehensible word was the last one.

Work on it.


James - Giving my own cat's penchant for using my raised veg beds as his personal ensuite, this cry may be more accurate than I care to admit.


You haven't failed yet - New Year's resolutions don't start to 1st February - a rule I invoke to give me a fighting chance of making some of them happen!

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