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January 24, 2011


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Hoorah and bravo - how very exciting and I wish I had a small child so I could watch it. I will ask my 6 year old niece if she watches it and feed back accordingly if she does.

I had to sign the Official Secrets Act when I was 18 - i cant tell you why or I would have to kill you!!!!!!!

Lia Leendertz

Ooh...get you..! Well done missus, especially on the secret keeping. Somehow I feel sure I will be watching this.

Helen Purchas

Congratulations, although, you can be the one that talks my littlies through why their homegrown aubergine won't sing! Sounds great, I'm looking forward to it.

ann-marie powell

Brillian, brilliant, brilliant!!!!! I can't wait to watch now - I assume your name will be on the credits too? How exciting, can't wait to tell my Archie, he'll be sooooo impressed!
Well done you xxx

Alex M

Fab, well done you. I and, more importantly Theo, 4, and Arthur, 2, will be watching avidly. Can you sneak in some tips on how much fun it is to be out in the garden on a freezing cold day?


Helen - I knew it! You're a spy master aren't you?

Lia - I am actually surprisingly good at keeping other people's secrets but can't help blabbing my own so I'm more shocked than anyone about keeping it zipped.


Helen - not only that, but why it hasn't got a moustache or a French accent... This could get tricky.


Ann-Marie - not only is my name in the credits, it's even spelt correctly which is most exciting. Just hope Archie likes it (because, let's face it, kids make the harshest of critics)

Alex - I'm afraid, in TV land, the sun always shines (which is an utter lie as it was filmed in Manchester in the pouring rain but it's amazing what can be done in post-production)

Slugs On The Refrigerator

dawn that is bl00dy awesome!!! How cool to be able to write THAT on your resume!

I may even turn cbeebies on to watch...even though I SERIOUSLY despise that Justin bloke and since he seems to be on ALL THE TIME, cbeebies is banned here on South Street. But for singing aubergines, I may break the ban...

JW Blooms

Hopefully there are some flowers, too? I was surprised how much little kids loved the flowers in my cutting field. Jan PS Good luck with it!

Karen - An Artists Garden

How cool are you?
Very I would say, well done


Great stuff, I shall be watching with the children.


Very cool! Congratulations, both on the the programme and the secret-keeping. Like you, I've signed a lot of NDA's in my life, but none have been that exciting! Though that pea-with-a-face looks scarily manic...


This is the ultimate.
You might just as well retire right now. I see BAFTAs and a small lawsuit (in which you will be exonerated and claim huge damages) when the Daily Mail publishes fake pictures of you on a lounger in St Kitts with the actor who used to dress up as Bungle in Rainbow *

*from that statement you will have deuced that I am not really up to speed with Cebeebies. Sorry.

girl with a spade

So please to come across this lovely, informative blog! Have added you to my blogroll :-)


Fantastic! I shall sit nearly five year old grandson down in front of it whether he likes it or not (actually he will like it. I have big advantage of 2 acres of garden while he has a flagged yard so I have the advantage of the exotic when it comes to gardening). Congratulations. And in respect of your resolutions, do go for chickens. They are lovely. They are easy. They are like easy pets who never sick or pee inside, unless they sneak in when your back is turned, and who lay eggs as well. Go on, you know you want to.
I don't suppose you want to come holiday to North Wales do you? I would so like to meet you.


I only just spotted this but wanted to say WELL DONE!

Oh, and I only get to sign rubbish NDAs, still.

Jane Perrone

Just seen this - well done you! We'll definitely be tuning in ...


SOTR/Kat - You will be gutted to hear that Justin has jsut signed another 2 year contract, so he will be on our screens, probably wearing women's clothing, for at least another 24 months. Sorry.

Jan - I'm afraid flowers are very much limited to non-speaking roles. They obviously need a better agent.

Karen - It's not exactly Lady Gaga levels of cool, but, to the under 5s, it's close... Thanks. Dx

Damo - That's what I like to see - an audience!


Janet - Ahem... I think you'll find that's Colin the runner bean. But, to be fair, he is extremely manic.

James - Actually several different actors used to play Bungle (which, come to think of it, might mean I will be liable for even bigger damages, although I shall also require a larger lounger)

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