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December 04, 2010


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Well that was a day to remember by the sound of it! Hopefully it will get you through the next 24! Am jealous of your greenhouse as its bigger than mine (well all greenhouses are) and I have found myself hankering after a bigger one recently

Arabella Sock

I'm sure I've congratulated you already but have another couple from me, one for the award and one for the greenhouse! I love my greenhouse, it is a posh one but I always liked my mum's one too which was just bog standard thing. THere is just something terribly exciting about a greenhouse. No matter how big your greenhouse is you will always want, actually always NEED a bigger one.


wow great greenhouse and thank you for the giggle about your 'works' do - sorry but I did have to giggle, I tried not to but I couldn't help myself.

Lia Leendertz

Did anyone get away WITHOUT hearing about Mark's friend's piles? Poor Mark's friend...
Huge congratulations, so well deserved, and thank you for a great night out. I want to say 'we know how to party' but I think we have actually forgotten, yet managed to make a pretty good fist of it anyway.


Helen - yes it's not a bad size but to be honest I would have been equally happy with something much smaller (particularly if it was fancy and Victorian looking of course)

Arabella - Thank you so much. And I'm delighted you have a posh greenhouse. Bog standard would not have gone with your chashmere credentials.

Scentedsweetpeas - There may well have been more fodder for your amusement, but I fear I have forgotten more than I remember.

Lia - Yes, but I think I was the only one having an in-depth discussion of piles whilst trying to digest my food.

And, we definitely know how to party - and screech - and stamp on each other's feet. We are so classy it hurts...


Congratulations on the award and on bagging a free greenhouse!



Esther Montgomery

I like the grading daffodil bulbs bit best. I used to work in a nut factory. (I really did!)


P.S. Nearly missed the most important thing to say - Congratulations!


I don't know about you but when I had the conversation with Mark about 'his friend's" piles I got the distinct impression that perhaps "his friend" was a bit closer to home than he said.
Then I watched Mark walking up to get his award and there was a slight bandylegged duck walk to his stance which led me to believe that"Mark's friend" might be a way of getting sympathy.

Sorry that I missed you when you were very, very drunk as opposed to just plain squiffy.

You know what I think of you and your award, suffice to say that I am still beaming.


Damo - most kind - thank you (not sure which is more exciting)

Kat - Thank you madam - I always enjoy a good hurrah.

Esther - I think we can agree that there should be more formatiuve years spent in nut factories and on daffodil bulb graders. We are obviously persuasive arguments for such regimes.

James - Now you mention it 'Mark's friend' remained curiously nameless and Mr Diacono was shifting around in his chair a lot. Oh my God - this is just like the end of Fight Club. Except of course that he forgot the basic tenet: "The first rule of piles is you don't talk about piles"


Well done Dawn! You've deserved it.

I was also very skeptical about Mark's "friend" having piles . . . I think JAS hit it on the head there!

I can't wait to see the greenhouse when it's up and hopefully I'll get the opportunity to say hi in real life at some point next year! ;)

Enjoy your moment x

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