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November 20, 2010


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Yr in for a treat...lovely selection. Do give coriander a go too...unbelieveable. And no parsnip - apparently the seedlings are poisonous.

Made me realise I have none on the go myself..

Helen at Toronto Gardens

Hmmm. Might try some microgreens myself. I harvested a whole whack of coriander seeds. Though I really dropped by to ponder whether vomit would make good compost material.


We've had tummy bugs too and lots of vomit all through Wednesday night which was great fun! Micro leaves sound really interesting and a great Autumn and Winter crop to get the kids involved. I'll check out Mark's post and give it a go.


Mark - yes, I was going to try coriander - only didn't this time because I was trying for some quick results for a Thursday photo session. Will make amends

Helen - I believe vomit is compostable, but I'm afraid I went for the 'flush' option...

Damo - do try it - we've already got three of the crops to seedling stage and that's in only 2 days.

Lucy Corrander

Send your children to school - trade germs.

In our area head lice are standard too.

Hope you all feel better now.



If you haven't scraped regurgitated carrot off the ceiling at 3.00Am.
If you never changed sheets four times in one night.
Then you really have never really experienced the full misery of life.
You have arrived.

Joanne Roach

You are amazing to manage to do anything. I have had about 40 minutes sleep in 8 days due to kids coughing. I may be exaggerating, but probably not. Since I now live in a universe composed entirely of phlegm, I have lost the ability to grasp the concept of gardening, or a margarine tub, or indeed what my name is and where I live.


Lucy - I tried that yesterday - and he just came back again (rather like a boomerang)

James - Yes, arrival was signalled by child leaning over top bunk rails and vomiting profusely. Felt rather like a CSI dealing with 'medium velocity spatter'.

Joanne - I am sure you are not exaggerating at all. I hope that the tide of phlegm is slowly ebbing away.

Lia Leendertz

There is nothing worse or more all-comsuming than children and puke. You just have to wave goodbye to normal hours and expectations and dig in for the long haul. Impressive you managed to fit something horticultural and educationally improving into the madness.


Excellent, a post - and comments - that managed to simultaneously make my mouth water and yet feel slightly nauseous myself... But thank you for the reminder that I had promised myself to give this a try. Though I have flies in my compost which drives the other house inhabitants mad when I bring stuff in grow on the windowsill...


Really hope all is calm and bright at your house by now. I am v impressed that you managed to sew microleaves in the middle of all this. I am still at the "intending to since I read about it in March" stage.


Lia - horticultural and educational improvement might be overstating it. Desperation would be more accurate.

Plantalicious and Elizabeth - Am now wondering if we have any other common items on our to do lists. Mending broken toilet? Running the London Marathon?

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