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November 07, 2010


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Joanne Roach

Glad the transition to pre-school went well for both of you.

I know some parents are at their happiest when they are with their kids 24/7 and I am quite in awe of them, but for me personally, I am definitely a much happier and more interested mum part time than full time.

I am not good at multi-tasking - or rather I can juggle all of it, but I don't think the quality of any of it is as good, and I find every single element frustrating.

When I have several hours a day to work, I get a lot more done and am genuinely pleased to see the kids when they come home too.

It's great when you know what will suit you best and you are able to organise things to work that way. So pleased Archie is as enthusiastic as you are!

This will be an exciting time for you! All the best.

Scented Sweetpeas

So glad you little one loves school. I must admit to feeling like that with my middle child, she needed school to entertain her a bit :-) Oohh love the idea of a cutting garden, sounds fab!


Joanne - Thanks! And yes, I'm also not cut out for full time motherhood - partly because you can never be a full time mother - well not unless you have a housekeeper, gardener and social secreatary on board as well.

Scented Sweetpeas - so glad you like the idea. Let's just hope the reaity isn't a huge disapppintment!


Hello! I just discovered your blog.
I like it very much!
I think I am still far from having kids of my own, but my sister has two, so I have had a very tiny bit of knowledge on dealing with kids. They are a handful all the time. Glad that you will have more time now that yours entered pre-school. Also, is great that you involved your kids on the garden. That's how I got on it too.


Hilarious! I think its great that both you and Archie are ready for the next stage, and can't wait to see what the cutting garden turns out like...

Esther Montgomery

If ever I try to make patterns with colour I get the heights wrong and that sends it all awry.



Fer - Welcome! I think a 'tiny bit' of knowledge of children is pretty much the ideal amount.

Plantaliscious - if it's a disaster, I just might never mention it again...

Esther - 'all awry' was the look I was going for!

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