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September 19, 2010


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I love the way she looks after you! And let's face it, she is lucky, she can learn about gardening at home. I'm not entirely sure you could turn to you for advice on cheerleading so her choice makes perfect sense.


He he he. Options at 7!!

Scented Sweetpeas

Love it, wow options at 7, not sure I would be able to pick even at my age :-)


But cheerleading is so IN!! Thanks to all those US soaps. We have a cheerleading club at the Uni I work and they win prizes!


Elizabeth - Are you insinuating I can't cut it in the cheerleading stakes? I'll have you know I can shake my pom-poms with the best of them (although admittedly, my splits are lacking in commitment)

TheMadHouse/Scented Sweetpeas - options actually start at 5. Decisions, decisions, decisions - can't believe they begin so early.

Helen - I have a feeling mine won't be winning any major trophies any time soon so you can let the Uni Cheerleading Club know they can relax.

Mark D

Clearly you need to do some cheerleading at home...then they would both go for the gardening. Maybe you should tell Ava that you used to be sooo good at cheerleading and will happily come into school to give a demonstration in front of all her friends. Im guessing that 7 is well old enough to have developed a healthy embarrassment at anything yr parents do - so her sense of galloping shame should be enough for her to drop cheerleading sharpish


Mark - This might work (particularly because I'm delusional enough to think I would be soooo good).

Two of mine are the same - except it's football. Trust me cheerleading will soon be so last year though I bet your itching to shake those pom poms in the meantime!


CountryGate - you are right, I am more than partial to a pom pom.

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