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September 10, 2010


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Mark D

Your poor husband. This weekend he's really going to be put into pay-back mode isnt he.

Karen - An Artists Garden

giggle - I would love to have seen the "school for creepy crawlies" and tanks for the tip about dried milk powder.

Hope you are well recovered from your cold and that Archie has stopped walking on your head.

I also hope this comment gets through as I dont think my last one did, I am in admiration of your sunflowers, and wondered how come they stayed so upright.

Scented Sweetpeas

loved this blog post, sorry but it was amusing although at the time i am sure you weren't amused at all. Hope you feel better soon.


I am so admiring of your getting children into the garden ploys and how successful they are! A whole hour and a half! Also thanks for tip about silica with seeds, never thought of that.


Mark - Actually he disappeared last night for a boys' night out in London. I'm going wrong here somewhere...

Karen - unfortunately there is rarely a day that goes by without Archie walking on my head. I'm hoping it's a passing fad.

SS - Have since recovered. Just in time to pick up another cold. God, how I love the start of term.

Elizabeth - if only the ploys would work on a 2-year-old, I would be a happy woman. GIve me time though, give me time...

Esther Montgomery

Are they collecting ground elder seeds? They are brown and appealing. Convolvulus pods are interesting and old man's beard clumps are delightfully fluffy. Party guests will be delighted when, next year, their gardens fill up with irrepressible, wild flower delights.


P.S. Hope your head's ok.


Esther - what a genius idea. At this rate parents of Ava's frienda will ban their children from ever attending her partieds again and I will not have to suffer trough another 'bowling party' hell.

Karen - An Artists Garden

So the thing is ... I really dont understand why Archie walks on your head, I can understand when you might be having a bit of a lie down with your cold - but in general day to day stuff ... why does he walk on your head?


Karen - I think it's a height thing. He wants to be taller so tends to stand on whatever is at hand. If I am reclining anywhere or scrabbling around trying to find toys wedged under the sofa, this 'whatever' usually turns out to be my head.

I am hoping it's a phase...

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