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August 02, 2010


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Karen - An Artists Garden

That is such a cool solution to the nightmare of garden building roofs,

(wonders if she could put it on her new house roof which still leaks rain)


PS Guess who has come a long way since my day

Helen at Toronto Gardens

Dawn, Clearly you need a house swap holiday in Toronto. I have just the house. And I promise not to look under your rug if you don't look under mine! Toronto's a lovely city to visit with children... and our house is close to everything (except close to being tidy). You might think I'm joking, but...

Lois, Home Base Holidays

It often feels like a lot of hard work getting a home ready for a home swap, but just think how great it will be when you get back to your spick and span home after your holiday (your home swap partners will likely be v. careful to ensure it's just as clean and tidy when they leave). And you'll even have a properly roofed playhouse!

Have a great time on your home exchange (note: Home Base Holidays operates Guardian home exchange and I'm sure our colleagues at the Guardian will be interested in hearing about your exchange adventures).


Metropolitan Mum

I feel your pain. We are getting the house ready to put it back on the market. Grrr. !!


Karen - I'm afraid water-proofing wasn't high on my list when it came to material choice. Still, it might distract you from soggy floors for a while.

Helen - funny you should say that - Canada is definitely somewhere we'd love to visit (as soon as my children are close to being bearable on a long flight)

Lois - you are so right - I've returned to an immaculate house.

MM - Can't believe you're having to go through all this again - what an absolute pain.

Genius! Am off to shamelessly copy on the potting shed at school now that I'm back in circulation after Pride and Prejudice and holiday walking the South Downs.
Cally :-)


Love the brushwood idea - sheer genius!


Your playhouse now has that Jamaican Shebeen look. Wasted on children.
I am quite intrigued by the thing that looks like a vast lemon squeezer looming behind said playhouse.
Hope holiday was worth all the Domestos Burns.

PS The solution to children on long flights is a couple of tranquilisers crushed up and slipped into the first Margharitas. Yours, not theirs.

All Season's Gardener

That's a brilliant idea for the 'shelter' that we're building at the back of the garden: it's only a temporary structure while we clear out the shed, but it gives us somewhere to stick the shed's contents - it had a plywood roof at present that looks horrible!

Sierra Nordgren

Oh! I've always wanted to have my own playhouse when I was young. Your kids are lucky to have you as their mother. And it's great that you are teaching them the importance of gardening. This will be a very useful learning experience as they explore this new hobby and their playhouse.

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