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June 28, 2010


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Frankly, this doesn't surprise me Dawn. I know the lad's father and while he can recall the names of the 1973 FA Cup-winning Sunderland team, he regularly fails to remember that to travel across international borders one needs a passport.

Scented Sweetpeas

He is a boy and they really can't do two things at once like men :-) I have a son and daughters and they are so different in that way. I am sure he will start charging entry soon :-)

Kate Greenwood

Love it! He rocks... long live commando's!


Well, I see the processing problem as one of a lack of consistent instructions. If you had asked him to brush his teeth and brush his hair, he'd have accomplished both.Put on your pants, and your socks = same result. But brush your teeth and get dressed = confusion.It's akin to go for a swim and bake a cake. Just count yourself lucky he didn't brush his clothes.
Nice that he is proud as punch of his little garden. A good sense of ownership.


Mark - you make a fair point. The apple has indeed not fallen far from the tree. Also, I beleive he has, on occasion, forgotten his pants too.

SS - you are so right - boys and girls are very, very different creatures.

Kate - Hmmm... I am now concerned about your dedication to the commando cause.

Roland - I am indebted to you for this profound insight into the male psyche!

Helen at Toronto Gardens

My own absent-minded little son (now 25 and 6 feet tall) once phoned me, in high dudgeon, from school to say that he'd worn his slippers to school by mistake, and that I HAD TO BRING HIS SHOES RIGHT NOW. Sadly, he has shown not the slightest interest in applying that energy to gardening.

Your son sounds like a gem, and if you weren't already parenting so well I would offer to adopt him.


Helen - I'm tempted to offer a child-share...


How old is he? He sounds brilliant, pants and garden and all. I never managed to get mine interested in the garden at all when they were children. In fact the sound of a long suffering sigh as we went into yet another garden centre would be part of the soundtrack of their childhood. Son is now as an adult quite interested and daughter is passionate and runs a garden and two allotments so perhaps it was just slower to rub off with mine!


Elizabeth - he's nearly five and, yes, an enchanting soul. I do think something must rub off during a garden-infused childhood even if it takes a while to emerge. Well that's my hope anyway and you seem to bear testimony to the idea.


Wish, wish, wish I had a garden so that I could get my son to start reciting plant names. My son looks out of our window and names all the emergency services and copies their individual sirens!

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