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June 02, 2010


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Marquee + Cousins & Co = Party :) ??!!


I now feel completely inadequate as a mother, the best my two ever got was a den made out of chairs and blankets


I have made a badminton court: once.
I spent ages mowing and painting. The net was put up and a summer of thrills was promised.
It was used twice and then the net fell over, the posts bent and a dog ate the shuttlecocks.
I gave up on perfection and can now put together a quick court using two tall bamboos and a piece of string in two minutes. If anybody ever asks.
My children tend to prefer smoking.

I bet you have hand sewn perfect tennis whites for your entire family (with a few spares for visitors)
And make your own barley water.


How big is your garden for christ's sake?!!!!


Lesley - subconsciously that must have been my plan...

Helen - so far my children have shown far more interest in the chair/blanket den - your motherly instincts are therefore far superior to mine.

James - You seem to have forgotton the personalised shuttlecocks in that list. Amateur!

Troutie - Weirdly it is quite large which is very odd as we live in an end of terrace cottage. My husband believes previous owners must have won everyone else's garden in a poker game a generation or two ago. He has a point.

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