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June 22, 2010


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Lia Leendertz

And all this in a post that starts 'I have not been a good mother recently...'. You are setting the bar too high! This is not fair! As ever, I take off my hat, give a standing ovation and then retire to sit under the table and hit the gin.


By comparison I was a terrible mother, the tooth fairy was frequently late collecting teeth. The final straw was when youngest lost teeth two days running. First day, tooth fairy rememdered (albeit in the early hours!), 2nd day tooth fairy forgot - blast. My response to sad little face, well she wasnt expecting you to loose teeth two days running, she is so over worked, hopefully tonight she will be coming back this way. Result, tooth fairy remembered and son very happy!! Phew. I cant tell you how glad I was when all their baby teeth had gone


Lia - watch the gin - that's the reason most often cited for 'dwindling fairy-based correspondence' in my experience...

Helen - I am already worried about half-hearted tooth fairies. We have our first wobbler and I don't even know the current going rate for milk teeth.


Don't forget - hot on the heels of the need for tooth fairy visits will be your children discovering and reading your blog ;)

Mark D

Bowlings one of the many pastimes/sports that looks like its simple, no trickiness to it, but I bowl the thing and without fail it disobeys the laws of physics. Everytime. But I'm amazed if you didnt beat that collection of sporting clowns...tell me you're just being polite


I consulted with my good GNO friends last night re the going rate for the tooth fairy...

1st one always is at a premium: £2 or £5 depending on how generous she's feeling (or how good they've been?), subsequent teeth £1

Scented Sweetpeas

You are not alone, I do have to apologise to my kiddies sometimes and do think it is good to do so as they learn it is OK to say sorry and admit you are wrong. Well done with your quick thinking :-)


Mark - I'm not that polite... However, Joe Swift appears to have sold his soul to the bowling devil. Not only did he win both games but he even had the machine knocking over pins for him. Even James' sobriety and unique 'hop, skip and jump' action couldn't defeat him.

VP - £5!!! I am going to try super-gluing the teeth to the gums.

SS - But I have to confess I find it physically painful to admit being wrong.

Elephant's Eye

They are still talking about the dress Cherry Blossom wore to last year's Midsummer Fairy Ball!


Oh yes, often had to apologise to mine. Now just need to wait and see if they apologise to their own, when they have them. I would think so. It is a great taking wind our of sails tactic.


EE - I know, it's going to be hard to top that acorn-based ra-ra skirt.

Elizabeth - Ah yes, the 'sitting back and watching your children be parents' - I imagine that can be very entertaining!

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