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June 09, 2010


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Lia Leendertz

Oh dear. I think it was me that told you it would be ok with just pinking shears. But I didnt expect you do put it in the bleedin' washing machine! Who washes their bunting for goodness sake?
The bunting looks very nice, but if you want a teensy bit of constructive criticism from a bunting expert (we bunt and de-bunt the entire house and garden at the drop of a birthday) I would have to say that the triangles are too far apart. You could fit an entire triangle in between! there I've gone and said it and given you more to obsess over. Ha.

Helen at Toronto Gardens

Oh dear. Six hours! Perhaps you should have said: bye, baby bunting.


Lia - Yes, I remember now, it was indeed you who suggested pinking shears. Not only that, but you now add insult to injury by critiquing the bloody stuff!! Consider yourself off my Christmas card list (and there's a punishment indeed)!

Helen - Thank goodness you weren't here on Sunday night. I may have attacked you with the pinking shears for that comment (I was very much on a humour-bypass territory then).

Esther Montgomery

Lovely, evocative picture.

And, after having admired the general scene, I thought 'That's clever, she's spread the triangles further apart than is traditional so it's quick to make and easy to take photos through.'


And now I'm wondering how long it took to make compared with how long it took to wash and disentangle.

Hope you've got over the trauma.



I'm really sorry but this bought tears to my eyes of laughter not sorry. As soon as you mentioned the tumble dryer I cringed. Its exactly the sort of thing I do and have done. Next time string it round the garage to dry out!!

Hope you get it sorted for the Barn Dance

Elephant's Eye

Say it ain't so. Six hours is WAY beyond the call of duty.

Scented Sweetpeas

:-( sorry to hear about your bunting nightmare! hope you got it fixed OK. You must have been gutted!


Now I understand some weird bunting related twitter exchanges! It did look great though.


LOVE the MM plot, maybe they'll get rid of Joyce and Tom in one bumper bunting episode


Esther - now I'm getting vaguley paranoid about what is the traditional distance between pendants... Having said that, I was definitely looking for the speed option - plus you get 'bunting blindness' after the first 50 metres or so. And yes, unforutnatley, it took me nearly as long to untangle as it took me to make in the first place.

Helen - that is indeed a sensible suggestion, but I have no garage. I'm also going to plead temporary insanity exacerbated by exhaustion when I chose the washing machine option.
It is now happily untangled, pressed, pink and ready for barn dance duty.


Elephant's Eye - SO true.

Scented Sweetpeas - yes, gutted about covers it. It is all sorted but the scars remain...

Elizabeth - hmmm... yes, I can see why #buntingwars would have seemed a little odd.

Heather - just the thought of that is making me smile. Is that wrong?

Lia Leendertz

So you should be vaguely paranoid. the traditional distance is 'Next To Each Other'
*runs and hides*


Gosh, who knew Lia was a bunting expert? Perhaps you can get her to make the next lot?!

I've never made it but we do have copious amounts of the stuff. One favourite string is made out of oil cloth, would have just needed a wipe down then.

What I want to know is, if it all frayed won't you have to chuck it, thereby saving you the six hours. Yeah, the words horse and bolted do spring to mind...


Lia - *sharpens pinking shears and hurls at retreating figure*


Deb - I have decided to pretend the fraying is actually cowboy inspired fringing... I reckon I might just get away with it.

Lia Leendertz

I've seen a lot of bunting this weekend. A lot of it was quite widely spaced apart (unlike mine, obviously). I think I may have to offer you an apology, but hoepfully too late for anyone to actually see it...


Lia - I only ever apologise when there are no witnesses. It's by far the best idea.

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