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May 05, 2010


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Anne Wareham

Looking good. XXX Anne

Karen - An Artist's Garden

Oh I love it - can you come to Wales and whip me up a couple - perfect for the beans

Helen at Toronto Gardens

Very stealable idea. Are they likely to root?

Scented Sweetpeas

That is fantastic and thanks for the giggle, your post really did make me giggle. I am so glad I am not the only Mum who takes their kids litter picking - mind you my strangely enjoy looking for the litter treasure :-)

Belgravia Wife - sort of

This I like - very much. I have a lovely , incredibly healthy and frondy honeysuckle plant outside my house desperate for somewhere to climb - I'm going to have a crack at this this weekend, thanks x


Anne - from you, a great compliment. Thanks.

Karen - as an artist, I'm sure you could make something far superior - and a bit less crooked.

Helen - I don't think so - they've been cut whilst in growth so they'll probably be in too much shock, but if they do, it'll add to the interest.

SS - litter picking mothers unite!

BW - surely it's not smart enough for Belgravia?


Litter-picking is a perfectly good passtime.

Funfairs, on the other hand are evil.

Your arches are magnificent.

Jealous, as always!


Love the arch!

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