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May 17, 2010


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Tell Oscar that every day that he DOESN'T tell you you're the best gardener in the world, a bean plant falls down dead.



(I figure every clap helps!) :)

(I so love your blog!)


Just read Thursday's comment more closely, that is HILARIOUS.

Joanne Roach

I killed my daughter's school daffodil this year. I put it on a shelf while decorating and forgot to bring it back down. She was not impressed. I've had to let her sow four packets of quite insanely pink annual mixes as compensation. Son now not impressed at prospect of neon pink garden. He's deciding what he wants to plant as compensation for the embarassment when his friends come over. At this rate my guilt will fill the garden, squeezing out the food and we will all starve.


Thursday - I love it! Will try this but might ask you to go halves on his therapy bills in later life.

Myla - you are very lovely. Please do keep saying these things - I will save you some flapjack.

Joanne - I am loving the idea of a 'guilt garden' - so much more orginal a theme than 'Mediterranean' or 'tropical'.


Dawn seriously, LGF is one of my happy places on the web now. When I get how I'm gonna do links figured out on the site, I'm definitely going to link up. xox


Yep. That bean is dead.

That bean looks how I feel, except skinnier.....

darn climate change......

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