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April 16, 2010


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I think Victoria Wood would play me - I have often been told that I remind people of her but I'm not sure this is a compliment and I am hoping it is my sense of humour they are referring to.

Good for you to stick to your guns re the orange sand - stubboness often works and I think you are right if the kids have helped repair the vandalism then maybe it might prevent ithappening again

jenny @ Let the children play

I love the big logs in the sandpit - I wish I'd had this link a few days ago when I did my post on sandpits - it would have been perfect! Would you mind if I link to you in the future?

Scented Sweetpeas

Congrats it looks like a fab looking park - love the sand.


It looks fab and I love willow tunnels and want one here, if it would grow. Where did you get your willow from and how did you make the tunnel? Maybe too big a couple of questions for a blog comment but would love to know!


Helen - I have seen your glamorous headshots and I would have thought Isabella Rosellini was a better call. Having said that, your in-depth knowledge of gas lamps screams Victoria Wood - or possibly Adam Hart-Davis...

Jenny - Having just visited you v. interesting blog I would be delighted!

SS - It does have a certain Bahamas-feel to it doens't it? I shall be taking down a fruit based cocktail for future visits, complete with miniature umbrella.

Elizabeth - it was actually built for us by Windrush Willow - and a very marvellous job they did too - but they also do kits and I have to say, having rebuilt it very nearly this weekend, I would now feel quietly confident on the DIY option.

Country Gate

I can recommend the DIY option as long as you have help to begin with from someone who's done it before. Will eventually get round to putting pic of ours up on blog. On the who'd play me in a biopic line......Dawn French in her Vicar of Dibley mode.


"Village Working Party"
Three words to chill all but the most Linda Snelly amongst us.
Sounds as if you have done rather well marshalling/coercing/blackmailing the populace.
I told you that telephoto lens would come in useful one day.
Tree trunk climbing frame is very clever.

Currently I am being played by Norman Wisdom and Basil Rathbone.


CG - is that purely based on love of chocolate?

James - you can't have two - it's cheating. Plus they're both dead, which would make the biopic rather static. And, if you are going in the 'dead' direction, surely David Niven would get first dibs.


Excuse me.
I would have you know that Sir Norman Wisdom is still among us...


Well, OK, you might be right, but I reckon he must be at least 122 by now and is probably battery operated so I'm still not sure he's up for 'James the Hat - the 3 Men Went to Mow Years'

Commercial Playgrounds

Bravo..really a playground one of its kind. Good work.

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