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April 12, 2010


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Potty Mummy

And - I'm assuming your mother doesn't read this blog...?


I would love a swing for me in the garden, don't know why I have never thought about it before

Esther Montgomery

I'd be so pleased to have an object like this! (Suitably, slightly, adjusted.)

What a specially elegant waterproof lid.


Scented Sweetpeas

:-) love that last comment, that made me giggle.


Seeing swings always leaves me suffering from imaginary scuffed knees, lovely as that swing looks


Potty Mummy - Hmmm.... actually she does. Still, she has a sense of humour about such things. I hope.

Rhizy - I would love one myself but it's surprisingly difficult to find one strong enough to take adults (officially at least)

Esther - Lovely isn't it! I wasn't actually aware swings needed lids, but my father obviously knows something I don't.

SS - Let's hope my mother feels the same!

MarkD - You wuss!


Lovely. You can usually find me on the swing next to my daughter at the park.

small garden ideas

Its really nice to have something nice to do on a beautiful sunny day. My idea of fun is doing a little gardening in the vacant lot at my backyard along with some reading.

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