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April 03, 2010


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Victoria - If Cath Kidston says it's wigwams, then it's wigwams for me. CK is a woman in the know. Also, you make a good point on the size issue. I should just choose very small companions and I will instantly become Amazonian.

Avis W - I am just hoping the rather pathetic smattering of seedlings do indeed transform into something more wild and indeed flowery over the next few weeks or otherwise this whole thing could be a bit of a let down...


I'm with Esther and the Victorian Hothouse complete with hot tub and butterflies and a hot naked man.....

sorry, got carried away!


Troutie - only you could drag this down to the level of naked men and hot tubs. And I love it!


You really do need a greenhouse! I have just got one. Took a little work to take it down and rebuild it but I love it. Easy to make kid safe with polycarbonate. - Cost next to nothing too! Doug

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