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April 23, 2010


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i wonder what got first and second...


They featured broccoli trees and plasticine carrots. Perhaps we were too purest...?

Scented Sweetpeas

I think they must have got mixed up with their placements there - maybe at that school 3rd is 1st as that garden is surely a first prize winner!


I thought the RHS was getting into schools, at the very least there could be a full time school garden judge appointed. In fact, maybe you could do it: they would give you a badge and everything.

I may be wrong but I suspect that this might be a competition between mothers almost more than children.
The giveaway is the rather neat knotwork in the string binding your fence together.And perhaps it was a step too far to have such a peculiarly lifelike Dawn/Barbie cast specially for the contest.

All the same to be beaten by a plasticine carrot, you are going to need some sort of quite serious therapy.


That garden is amazing. You was robbed. We never come first either...


SS - You may be on to something. Perhaps they weren't placements but rather the factor by which each garden was superior to all others...

James - I would indeed do almost anything for a title and a badge (it's the grown up equivalent of a rosette and certificate after all). And, yes, I did do the knots on the fencing and I created the teepee cover, but parental help was allowed and quite frankly there is no way those plasticine carrots were fashioned by a 5 year old either.

Still, I've booked in with Doctor Von Trumpington anyway. Talking about it can't do any harm and, let's face it, the valium hasn't been any help.


Victoria - it is obviously a conspiracy. We should rise up in protest.

Country Gate

Clearly you should have made it out of lego. Hit the bottle. It's Friday after all and don't mention home schooling again. All my mates who are doing it are showing signs of early senility!


I think if you'd put Ken in the garden with Barbie you might have won. It would have been very pc to have Ken in charge of the laundry.


You were robbed, it's a fix!


This is genius. I can't believe it didn't romp home into first place. All that's missing is a miniature vodka bottle and pack of 10 Silk Cut sticking out of her dressing gown pocket for it to be the perfect slummy mummy tableau (non) vivant.

Metropolitan Mum

3rd place only? Sorry, but then I don't think 'domestic goddess' is appropriate. But 'home & garden maker' could do the trick ;)

Belgravia Wife - sort of

This is truly wrong - your entry is clearly the outright winner. I have a feeling it is one of those politically correct reverse psychology things - they didn't want to make the other children feel inadequate by highlighting your son's unique gift. Is it going to Chelsea ? Bravo ! xx

All Seasons Gardener

I think I have miniature garden envy. If this only got third place, then I am a failure as a mother - my son only ever got a carrot top 'Treasure Island' with an origami paper boat sailing towards it over a tinfoil lined margarine tub lid.

Oscar is clearly a robust child and knows his garden is a winner whatever school says!


Country Gate - I took your advice and hit the bottle. It helped.

Iota - he didn't have 'Ken' as his sister had already nicked him to hang out washing in her own miniature garden!

Jo - too right!

LickedSpoon - brilliant - will try to fashion these immediately out of some old pipecleaners and then call for a rematch.

Metropolitan Mum - Please don't rob me of 'Domestic Goddess' status. It's all that standing between me and the asylum.

Belgravia Wife - I have notified the RHS and it's on standby should any of the show gardens fail to come up to scratch.

All Seasons Gardener - there is a very thin line between 'robust' and 'completely oblivious' and Oscar crossed this some time ago.

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